Monday, 6 July 2015

Style Steal : Heather Watson @ Wimbledon

It's Wimbledon which means it's totally acceptable to drink Pimms & eat strawberries all day (it also usually means constant rain but shhhhhhh! we've been lucky so far). One of the highlight's so far has been Heather Watson v Serena Williams. Although Heather lost an incredible match, she won the accessorizing game thanks to her jewellery and metallic nails which were on match point!

I've had a few emails asking where to buy her beautiful anchor infinity necklace and quickly starting searching. She was quizzed about it on BBC Breakfast this morning and said it was $10 from America (and the Daily Mail reported she bought it to support a Leicester charity) - so I haven't been able to find the exact source. But thanks to Etsy and beautiful independent crafters around the world I've found some similar and equally as stunning necklaces.

Anchor Hope Infinity Necklace by SilverHandwriting £23.73

Anchor Infinity Necklace by HiwireJewelry £23.73

Gold Anchor Infinity Necklace by tydesign £26.70

Personalised Infinity Anchor Necklace by earringsnation £11.08 - £12.99

Anchor and Infinity Necklace by SterlingSimplicity £18.46

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