Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Secret Santa Gift Guide : Part I

Now the first window of my advent calendar has popped I am officially on Christmas mode (I got a chocolate robin in mine incase you were wondering). Secret Santa, is one of my favourites at xmas because you get to give/receive some of the cutest/randomest gifts. This is Part I of my Secret Santa Gift Guide, trust me give one of these are you can't go wrong, even the office weirdo will love you. Who doesnt love pom poms and cats in tiny hats?

1. Dream Big Pocket Neon Notebook | Topshop | £3
2. Christmas Minni e & Mickey Socks | Topshop | £3.50
3. Pink Medium Bag Pom Charm | Topshop | £7
4. Fortune Teller Kit | Topshop | £6
5. Cute Red Mushroom Mug | Topshop | £10
6. Tiny Hats on Cats Book | Topshop | £10
7. Colour Polarframes Set | Topshop | £12

More gift ideas coming soon xo

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