Friday, 15 April 2016

Picks - Enamel Pin Badges

"We need to talk about your flair, or lack of it"

It's time to ditch the dodgy pins and get your flair on. I am personally loving the enamel pin badge craze right now, so get ready to express yourself with my favourite pin picks

1: Pink Crystal pin £7 by Finest Imaginary
2: Pastel Rainbow Camera Pin £7 by Fairy Cakes
3: Dead Girl Pin £5 by Saint666
4: Dead Boy Pin £5 by Saint666
5: Cat Lapel Pin £7 by I Like Cats
6: Moon Phases Pin £7.50 by OHNORachio
7: I need my Space Pin £7 by Pop Draw
8: Hotline Bling Pin £9 by Jolly Awesome Art
9: I Need Coffee Pin £9 by Jolly Awesome Art
10: We are the Weirdos, Mister Pin £6 by Punky Pins

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