Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Harness your inner Power - Handmade Harness Picks

You don't need be a slave to fashion to sport a harness. You can wear a simple harness with a dress to accesorisze your look or go for a more dominant multi strap pasties extravaganza. There are some great pieces on the highstreet, but I wanted to focus on handmade harnesses in this post because there are so many amazing ones to choose from. Here are my Handmade Harness picks!

Faux leather Triangle Harness Bra by LiquoriceAndLace £15

Bra Body Harness 'Maisie'by MMofficial £10

Hex Harness by BattieClothing £32

Shadow Harness by BattieClothing £26

Maleficent Pentagram Harness by xHausofHarlotx £14.18

Ariadne Harness by xHausofHarlotx £15.88

Elastic Halterneck Harness by LIPPLingerie £12

Frame bra cage top fashion harness by DaisyCutterBurlesque £18

Hentai Harness by ShokushuBoutique £15.99

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