Monday, 29 August 2016

Review : Pixie Lott Paint

Pixie Lott Paint Review
The Pixie Lott Paint collection arrived in my local Superdrug store a few months ago so I bought a couple of colours and almost forgot about them ... Until I decided to be brave during the summer and go for a impulse short short haircut (the breeze on the back on my neck in the crazy heat we've had, totally worth it!) I wanted to play around with colour and rememebered about them. So here is my review and thoughts on the wash out hair colour.

Pixie Lott Paint Review

The Pixie Lott Paint Wash Out Hair Colours are affordable dyes that are available from Superdrug for £5.99. They originally launched in 4 pastel colours Hawaii (blue), Sorbet (pink), Starlight (grey) & Violet (pinky purple). But you can now also get them more intense colours Apricot Crush, Turquoise, Pink to Red & Sea Mist. I went for Violet but will definately be trying Sea Mist next. Note I love the packaging. Inside the box you get the colour, instructions, gloves and two 'fade out' shampoos that you can use to make the colour less vibrant; also note you're probably never going to use these.

Pixie Lott Paint Review

1. I bleached my hair a couple of days before putting on the colour so I was ready to go
2. I shampooed and towel dried my hair before applying
3. Yep that's what it looks like *eurgh*
4. I applied the colour as evenly as I could and used just under a half a tube on my short hair. The colour looked very bright at this stage and I thought I was going to end up with some dinner lady purple hair colour. The instructions say to leave on for 15 minutes but I left it on more like 30 minutes
5. Relief, after washing out the colour looked so much better
6. Ta-da! Dried and the colour came out great with just a soft purpley-pink hue, I love it!
7. After 1 wash the colour had faded alot, but I was still crushing on the pastel shade
8. After a second wash the colour is almost gone. By the third wash it was

Review: 4/5
The colour was quick and easy to apply and there was no staining to my skin or clothes. The shade is perfect, it just doesn't stick around too long. For the price it's a really good buy, and I got 2 applications out of it. I'll definately try more colours!

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