HeartStreet started in 2011 as a tumblr fashion blog documenting the cool stuff I wanted and couldn't afford/fit into, and it grew from there. I loved having an outlet for my fashion addiction, doing themed posts, putting together outfits and sharing trends.

In 2017 I made some changes. I went vegan (best decision ever) and I no longer had a desire to post cute leather jackets or festival feather capes. As a result HeartStreet slowed down and eventually stopped. My lifestyle had changed, my body had definately changed, but I missed posting cute stuff I found on the internet. So, in 2020 I decided to combine HeartStreet and my new way of living and restarted the blog with a new lease of life.

My main goal is to promote the Vegan & Cruelty Free businesses I have discovered and continue to find.
HeartStreet will no longer feature leather, fur, feather, wool, silk.

I am human so I may make mistakes, if you see something which you don't think fits a vegan lifestyle let me know.

My name is Teddi, thanks for stopping by,

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